Jeannette Feliciano

Jeannettix is led by GBO Beachbody Pro & WBFF Diva Fitness Pro, Jeannette Feliciano. Jeannette has been in the fitness industry for 18+ years. Coming from a background of sports she played in the Woman’s Legend Football league as a Middle Line Backer and a Quarterback in addition to running for a competitive obstacle course team; the world of sports is Jeannettes’ playground. Her competitiveness and love for all things fitness gave her the opportunity to hit the stage and become a bikini pro. Years of personal training and coaching others brought her the most joy. Bringing people phenominal result just focusing on “Jeannettically” changing the body through fitness & nutrition because it is absolutely possible. Jeannettix encompasses on all levels of fitness from beginners to experts. Through the year we have worked with tons of athletes, wounded military vets m, fitness competitors and even those looking for big transformations. Our goal is not only about getting you in shape but also having the mindset of aging gracefully and not in pain. If you want real changes both mentality and physically Jeannettix challenges you to not only take the 1st step but to follow through towards a better YOU.